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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Remarkable Insight of Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director

In the event that you discuss tasteful private homes at reasonable costs, there is maybe, not a solitary individual in land who has not heard the name of AVJ Group. The visionary founder of the group, Vinay Jain has provided numerous joyful families in extravagant condominiums at noteworthy low rates. He began the organization in 2005 with a mean to suit present day Indian families into opulent residences without having much effect to their budget. The gigantic development of this organization inside a brief time of time talks volumes about their nature of work.

Presently a person can desert his apprehension of extravagant costs of lavish residences can dream of encountering an uncommonly exquisite lifestyle. The AVJ Group offer two awesome residential projects, AVJ Homes and AVJ Heightss, completely pressed with advanced amenities. These modern lodging edifices comprises of remarkable facilities like non-stop water supply and power supply, security with CCTV surveillance, upkeep staff, club, exercise center ,swimming pool and a lot of people more. Vinay Jain, Chairman & Managing Director of AVJ Group needs the best for his customers and consequently, constantly strives to add new characteristics to his projects. The mind boggling inner part design adorns the intricate with an inimitable feeling of magnificence and quality.

Moreover, the rich greenery encompassing the space ensures a consistent supply of cool outside air. AVJ Group Vinay Jain has figured out how to hoist the organization to extraordinary statures with his splendid supervision and plans. The organization utilizes a huge amount of splendid experts who are currently developers of some of the most excellent structures. They are a profoundly energetic group which is continually attempting to unfurl new thoughts to raise their execution. Customers are put on a high platform concerning this organization and exertions are made to actualize their each prerequisite. AVJ Group offers model answers for some Indian’s desires for getting an extravagance home in a posh area.


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