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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

AVJ Vinay Jain Perceives Common Man’s Dream Abode

AVJ Group Vinay Jain has launched this company with the sole intention of accommodating average people into comfortable homes just like their rich counterparts. He feels that a common man should have as much access to luxury as an aristocrat does. For this very reason, he has started residential projects that are designed with the greatest techniques. These apartments are endowed with remarkable assets in order to give the residents the most comfortable experience in these living arrangements. And the biggest gift is their availability at exceedingly low rates which sufficiently reduces the burden on a regular individual.
The AVJ Homes at Beta I is a posh residential complex that accomplishes the definition of suitable living abode. Vinay Jain AVJ CMD has left no measures in complimenting the comfort level of the occupants in this housing complex. First rate facilities like swimming pool, gym, club, parks etc can be found in full swing at this structure.  And that there will not arise any annoyance regarding the water and power supply is a guarantee of this company especially when they have arranged a continuous supply. Additionally, the place is surrounded by all essential establishments and thus, can be deemed fit to be considered a very suitable location.
Apart from this, the company has another suitable alternative at a fantastic location. AVJ Heightss at Zeta I, a superb living arrangement is not lacking in any way from its equivalent in Beta II. Likewise, it houses all modernistic features needed for a smooth life. And the best news doing the rounds in the market is that deluxe flats at this venture are put up for sale at a splendid plan. A potential home seeker can now pay an amount of Rs. 8.64 lakhs at the beginning and move into this awe inspiring dwelling. AVJ Vinay Jain has turned your hopes and aspirations of a lavish home into a real deal.


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