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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vinay Jain Avj- An Ideal Chief for The Company

After entering the real estate, Vinay jain avj  chairman has delivered all his promises of providing luxuries homes to common people. Vinay Jain is the pillar of the company and it is believed that it is his dedication which made the company rise so well.  He invested all of his hard earned money to provide the home buyers, a spacious and lavish place with world class amenities. The motive of the company is to provide the elite call facilities to everybody. To provide the maximum satisfaction is the aim of the company and it believes that time is money and hence tries to deliver all promised projects well on time. The company achieves what they dream and has achieved the success from their previous projects like beta I and Zeta II. As CMD of the group avj vinay jain started projects like AVJ Heights, AVJ Plaza and AVJ Homes who are well in demand and are crowded with world class amenities and infrastructure.

The company uses various new techniques and technologies for developing the modern infrastructure and yet compromises nowhere in the quality of the project. The amenities like swimming pool, gardens, wifi, ample parking spaces, gymnasium, spa etc are their in almost every project offered by the group.  The company offers various important infrastructures like schools, shopping malls, hospitals, villas and townships. The chairman believes that the basic reason behind the existence of the company is their satisfied clients, who trusted them and invested in them. The CMD’s amazing mind designed almost all the flawless projects giving them a trendy and western look with all types of facilities that a home buyer always seek for. The ideology of the chairman only leads the company on the path of success in a very short time period and is now a proud owner of many projects.


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